Mexico Lindo

Mexico is culturally a true treasury. Minted by the ancient cultures of the Maya, Toltecs and Olmecs, as well as by the Aztecs and Spanish colonial masters, plenty of ruin-sites and temples from ancient times lie in this breathing holiday destination. In addition, the Fauna, Flora, natural landscapes & beaches in Mexico can compete with the most beautiful countries of this world.

Arrival Mexico City

1. Day: Arrival at the International Airport of Mexico City. A member of our staff will be waiting for you for transferring to your Hotel.

Overnight in Mexico City

City Tour, Anthropological Museum, Xochimilco

2. Day: In the tour you will experience the pre-Hispanic culture with the visit of the Anthropological Museum and Templo Mayor, as well as the colonial times visiting the main square (Zocalo), the government palace, the cathedral, the Post office building and the Palacio de Bellas Artes. After that, you will drive to the southern part of the city to the swimming gardens of Xochimilco, where you will enjoy a boat trip. When your return you will visit the University UNAM as well as the colonial center of the city located in Coyoacan area and Frida Kahlo Home.

Teotihuacan – Basilica of Guadalupe

3. Day: Today´s sightseeing starts with a visit of the most important sanctuary of the American continent called the “Basilica of Guadalupe”. Afterwards you will drive to the pre-Hispanic city Teotihuacan. At the height of its glory in about 100 years after Christ, Teotihuacan was the biggest metropolis of the western hemisphere with 240,000 inhabitants.  The ceremony center with the Sun and Moon pyramids, which are gigantic, as well as the street of the death covers 4km2.

Tepotzotlan – Tula – Poza Rica (371 km)

4. Day: The journey takes you direction north to the federal state Mexico to the very well preserved monastery Tepotzotlan, which is under the patronage of UNESCO. The trip continues to Tula, one of the most important archaeological sites of the Toltecs. Here some evidence of the hike of the Toltecs to Chichen Itza under Quetzalcoatl and clues of the rain-god Chac Mol are located. Afterwards the way will take you to the mountains of Puebla to Poza Rica.

Overnight in Poza Rica

Poza Rica – Tajin – Golf coast – Antigua – Veracruz (258 km)

5. Day: After a short drive, you will reach Tajin, an important archaeological site and above all named for its niche pyramid. Along the Gulf coast, the trip continues to Antigua. On the road to the Esmeralda beach of you will get the possibility to try freshly caught fish and sea fruits. Antigua was the first city of the Spanish conquerors and remains of the first hacienda of Hernan Cortes, the first church and the first town hall of America is located here. Afterwards drive to Veracruz, one of the most important port cities and famous for its carnival in February. Enjoy on the port Portales the hustle and bustle and joy of life of the local people.

Overnight in Veracruz

Veracruz – Tlacotalpan – Catemaco (302 km)

6. Day: On the way to Catemaco you will visit Tlacotalpan, a relaxing and colorful village in the middle of a river-valley and home of Augustin Lara, a famous composer. Arrival in Catemaco. Catemaco is a small paradise with a same-called lake, its tropical landscape, its Fauna and Flora and it is famous for its Shamans. In addition, tracks of the Olmec culture are located here. Today’s visits will end with a boat trip on the lake and visiting the sanctuary and esoteric center.

Catemaco – La Venta – Villahermosa (194 km)

7. Day: On the way to Villahermosa, you will visit the archaeological site La Venta, which belongs to the Olmec culture, one of the oldest cultures of Mesoamerica.  The birth of this archaeological site is about 1,000 years before Christ. Then the trip continues to Villahermosa City, where you will visit the open-air museum “La Venta”. Here you can see and experience various discoveries and cultures of the Olmecs. After you will visit the city center of Villahermosa.

Overnight in Villahermosa

Villahermosa – Agua Azul – Palenque (240 km)

8. Day: Trip to the waterfalls of Agua Azul. The waterfalls extend over 7.5 km and according to the beliefs of the Mayas, their god of rain named Tlaloc has brought the waterfalls here for his sweetheart. Afterwards return to Palenque and free time for the rest of the day.

Overnight in Palenque.

Palenque – Edzna – Campeche (366 km)

9. Day: In the morning short, drive to the excavation site of Palenque, in the middle of the Lacandona jungle. After a detailed sightseeing, the trip goes on direction Campeche. On the way, you will visit the archaeological site Edzna, before you will reach the Hotel close to the historical center of Campeche.

Overnight in Campeche

Campeche – Uxmal – Merida (330 km)

10. Day: In the morning, you will visit Campeche, a city that often been attacked by pirates in the times of the Spanish conquerors. The trip continues to Uxmal, along a way, which passes by many picturesque villages. Uxmal is like Palenque also a very important and beautiful Maya site. Drive to Merida, the capital of the peninsula Yucatan.

Overnight in Merida

Merida – Izamal – Chichen Itza (141 km)

11. Day: Start a sightseeing of the historical center of Merida in the morning, with a visit to the regional museum of Yucatan. Afterwards drive to Chichen Itza and visit Izamal on the way, also called the Plaza de las 3 Culturas. A number of old temples of the Mayas, the Franciscan monastery and the current locality Izamal around the sightseeing off. Arrival in Chichen Itza in the afternoon.

Overnight in Merida

Chichen Itza – Coba – Tulum – Cancun (About 197 km)

12. Day: In the early morning sightseeing of Chichen Itza. Few years ago, the place where declared a world miracle. On the way to Riviera Maya you will visit Coba and Tulum. Coba as well as Tulum are two Maya sites, which where inhabited until the arrival of the conquerors.  While Tulum mainly functioned as a trade center, Coba was a ceremonial center.

Service included:

Good middle class and typical Hotels during the Tour

Breakfast included

Private Guide and private vehicle with A/C

All entrance Fee’s

24/7 emergency contact

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